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From finding a name to implementing your brand's corporate design, I support you in a wide range of issues:

Brand Management


Where does my brand stand in the competitive environment? How do I attain a leading position in my market? How can I develop a brand strategy that everyone in the company will identify with and engage accordingly? 

Brand Positioning


What comprises your identity and what characterizes the core of your brand from the inside out? How can you manage the relationship with your customers and what does the core of your brand mean for addressing them? How can you manage your customers and fans? And what does the brand core mean for your current and future employees?

Brand Implementation 

Brand Monitoring

How can I measure whether my brand is being implemented consistently across all brand touchpoints? What about my brand equity?

Brand architecture

How do we manage the corporate brand in relation to individual product or service brands? How strong are individual brands in relation to the umbrella brand? How do we handle new brands in the context of acquisitions?


Brand collaborations

How do I find the right partner companies for my brands? What criteria do I use to select them? How high is my risk in a cooperation? (Ingredient branding, co-branding, sponsoring).




How do I find a name for my company, product or service that differentiates me and conveys my brand essence? Which creative methods are suitable to find the best name for my market?

In a multi-stage, yet streamlined process, I work with you to develop your brand strategy.

Regardless of whether you are entering the market as a start-up or want to expand your position as an already established brand, my consulting services are always geared to your individual situation.

I rely on a solution-oriented, pragmatic approach and a high level of commitment on my part and yours. I stand for this with my energy and high motivation and am always personally available to you with my many years of expertise.


How do I convey my brand's core values authentically and consistently across all touchpoints? What does the brand core mean for my communication, my behavior, my visual appearance, my architectural spaces? What are the most important brand touchpoints  that I should work on first? How can I improve my appearance in existing touchpoints?


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