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Personal Brand Workshops


With a clearly focused authentic brand you will be "found better”. Together we develop your unique personal brand as the basis for your visibility.

Imagine you think of brands like Nike or people like Mahatma Gandhi - immediately images, emotions and values arise. But the key lies not only in an impressive LinkedIn profile, but in a deeper process.

I invite you to playfully discover and work out what positive effects this has on your "brand contact points" in everyday life. 

Contents, steps and learnings:

- What is the interplay between identity and brand ?

- What makes a strong brand?

- What does this mean for my personal brand? 

- What are my strengths and values?

- How can I differentiate myself from others?

- What is the core of my strong personal brand - the filter ?

- How can I consistently convey my strong personal brand at my contact points ?

- What does the implementation look like ? 

- What do I tackle first ? 


Personal Brand Workshop - Mannheim:

Timing: 2 half days, each starting at 3 p.m. 

Number of participants: 3-4 persons

Location: Personal, inspiring location, Mannheim Oststadt

When: November, December 2023


Personal Brand Camp at Lake Maggiore, Northern Italy: 

Workshop combined with outdoor activities

Number of participants: 4 persons

Location: Private accommodation with personal atmosphere 

When: 11-14 April 2024


Individually by arrangement

Location: also possible in-house


I will be happy to conduct a video call with you to help you make your decision. Please contact me at:

+49 172 7464126

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