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My experience with Anja’s personal consulting program was amazing. My goal was to better understand myself in order to better communicate with my public. Honestly, I didn’t think this was possible in just 2 days. Instead, I was impressed by the value I received in this 2-day personal program! 


Anja has made me do really deep and practical exercises (almost magical exercises) that pull out of me the things that are most important to me, and thus the things that I want to communicate with my company.


I feel safer now whenever I choose what I say, how I say it and why I say it. This drives me to pursue my goals in a direction that is much clearer today than it used to be.


I recommend all entrepreneurs or freelancers to go through Anja’s program at the beginning of their journey or shortly after an established sales process. The reason for this is that the program helps to have more clarity on how to grow to attract customers who are more aligned with your values and what you are. This will make you happier in the end!

Susanna Testi, Gründerin „Resistenza Verticale“ Mountain Coach, Rom, Italien

„Anja Herb gave us great support in our search for a brand that was both functional and emotional. As a side effect, the work also contributed to sharpening our strategy and positioning. It's amazing how much clarity you can still work on when you actually think everything is already clear. Anja was a wide awake and critical-constructive companion in an essentially important process for our entrepreneurial success. We are very grateful to her for that. And the work was fun too.“

Lars Häger, Managing Director, CUENDO – 5 Dekaden Internet GmbH, Hamburg,

"With her consistency and wealth of experience, Anja has made us look very closely at our company, our brand and its objectives since its foundation. For us, two ladies in the managing directors' role, the exchange with Anja was immensely important. We were able to mirror ourselves and strengthen our unity in decision-making through the joint development of the brand strategy. For us, the presentation of the strategy as a result of our unity is particularly sustainable. We have subsequently taken up and placed the clear and simple images of our brand understanding in decorative elements in our offices. This keeps the meaning of our brand more present for us and also has the charming side effect of not infrequently being asked about it by business partners; this forms the perfect basis for presenting our brand and our self-image in conversation. Thank you, dear Anja!"

Anna Geibel and Irina Koch, managing directors, Ge&Ko Solutions

„I have worked with Anja for many years in Corporate Communications, most recently she led Corporate Brand Management in my team. Anja's dedication to the topic of brand is incomparable. Her devotion and creativity have always carried me and many colleagues along. I was particularly impressed by Anja's strategic vision and assertiveness. She has played a leading role in shaping the BASF brand over many years.“

Andreas Meier, former supervisor at BASF

„I worked with Anja for several years in corporate communications at BASF. Her passion and expertise for the brand were always evident. I particularly appreciated her focus on connecting everything she did to corporate strategy and being very pragmatic about finding the best solution.“

Erik Meyers, former colleague at BASF,


Book article about the BASF brand: "We make chemistry connect" in No1. Brands, The Secrets of Success of Strong Brands, Publisher Klaus-Dieter Koch, 2013 (German only)

Karls-Magazine 2018, Article on BASF Brand Management


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